What’s Housing Disrepair Claim? Lawyers’ Insights

Legal experts say that conscious tenants most definitely know their responsibilities, but few know their rights. To be more precise, many landlords take advantage of patient tenants who don’t know that such things as mould could be a reason solid enough to claim housing disrepair compensation. Read on and learn what a disrepair claim is and when it’s time to consider a legal way toward reaching satisfactory conditions.

About Housing Disrepair Definition

Simply put, dwelling disrepairs are when housing is not in a reasonable state of repair. It could be anything related to the dwelling age and condition – affected roof, walls, broken doors and windows, damaged or inefficient heating and electrical systems. A widespread example could be mould. It can cause a state of disrepair, damage tenants’ personal property, and finally, cause health problems such as allergic reactions or affect the respiratory system. Overall, it might be anything that feels not maintained to a satisfactory level.

Most Frequent Reasons Behind the Disputes with Landlords

Housing disrepair compensation claims seem to be the last step to take in a dispute with a landlord. Actually, in practice, it is so. Most of the time, conflicts arise because landlords are insensitive to the problems tenants face or, even worse, are convinced that those problems are consequences of tenants’ actions (even if it’s obviously not). Anyway, lawyers note that the first step should be a dialogue with the landlord, ideally, in writing. This way, you’ll have the records of correspondence in case you need to claim for housing disrepair compensation.

What if the Reported Issues are Ignored?

In most cases, a landlord is obliged to ensure a satisfactory housing state and act right after you’ve reported the issue. In the ideal scenario, you would agree on the measures that’ll be taken, and the timing needed. Still, we must admit, that’s not always the case. If you feel your reports aren’t taken seriously or are ignored, maybe it’s time to consider a legal way to solve the issue.

Many tenants worry the legal way will be more complicated and expensive. Find trustworthy, result-oriented lawyers who would advise you on the best course of action and costs before you choose whether it’s the way you want to go. Looking for a law firm specialising in this specific law field of housing disrepair claims? Contact Litkraft Solicitors lawyers (Litkraft Solicitors advokat).

Whether it’s mould-affected clothing or bedding, electrical appliances ruined by electrical problems or health problems related to the housing state – housing disrepair can affect your life quality, health and security in many ways. Therefore, if a friendly dialogue with a landlord doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to contact legal experts and get a professional consultation. Look for professionals who are both highly skilled and experienced in this specific field.

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